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Where do you want to go in your life? love and life, but where?

Travelled a lot, but nothing really fits. I often ask myself the question: "Where do I really feel at home?" The answer is interesting, as well as not understandable for many acquaintances of mine. Today it's less about travel and more about philosophy. Easy start, hard reality in the middle, sweet, gentle finish.

The answer is "Not on this planet". I have seen and experienced many countries, places, villages, cities, landscapes. If someone were to ask me now, I would most likely give Colombia as an answer. However, there are so many things in Colombia that, in addition to all the great things, such as nature and the loving people, just get on my nerves.

These points, which I am addressing here, have nothing directly to do with Colombia itself. It's like that all over the world, in every country, or at least in a lot of countries. Each country has its own uniqueness and many countries share some uniqueness. With a few outliers, both positive and negative, which is unique (mostly, luckily!).

A motorcycle in the jungle and thumbs up gesture
One of my favorite memories, my motorcycle tour through the jungle in Colombia

There are such "beautiful" places on this planet, so many cool things to experience. A lot of people react aggressively or think badly when I say that it's nice but I'm not attracted to being here. This has nothing to do with gratitude, neither towards my nearest nor things / matter. Just to be clear, I don't like the game down here, I'm not a motivated player. Let's see how well this saying will age and what we will soon learn.

A constantly changing mind affects me. I'm often overjoyed, I'm doing well, better than many others on this planet, I'm extremely grateful for that. On the other hand, it "stinks" to me how life works on this planet. Starting with obvious things like bureaucracy and sheep mentality, to "Why do I have to breathe? Stupid construct...

Well, writing and sharing these thoughts publicly helps a lot in my search for meaning and motivation. I just started this entry here without any motivation, in the middle it hit the well-known "Why", to now at the end, "I'm happy after all, and only I can change and/or keep it". In any case, this world shaped by materialism is not even remotely close to my idea of what paradise is and how "conscious / alive" should be.

What drives me the most is making other people happy. It makes me overjoyed when my actions, whether direct or indirect, make other individuals better off. Whether human, animal or plant. Be it by just pouring, making websites, giving advice on business and life, or sharing beautiful photos from my travels.

nature portrait
One of my absolute favorite photos. Colombia, Departmento Magdalena. Near Parque de Tayrona

I hope with this photo I can maybe even warm one or the other heart and/or put a smile on their face. Definitely one of my favorite moments. That was shortly after a tour with a motorbike, where I rode around in the jungle alone for a few days.

Today a slightly more serious post. I mentioned in my first post that philosophical questions, posts and suggestions will come. That was just to warm up.

I'm about to book a trip to Italy as well as finally moving on with my plans for Colombia. I am happy to finally go there again. Let's see, writing today was good. It feels like I've let go of the frustration that I'm sure has been building over the last 3 (continuous) rainy days. interesting feeling. This is also added, no more rain showers then. I lived in Santa Marta for 1 month without clouds. No unwanted substances in the air, blue sky, jungle, beach and lots of free space to move.

I wish you all the best and lots of success,



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