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More about me

My own name is Maurice Putz and I was born in Austria and grew up in villages and a small town.  From the beginning, everything seemed too small to me and I wanted to get out early into the world and do many things where others only shook their heads. I was born at the turn of the millennium, in 2000.

Which years do you think I will live to see? 2070, 2080, 2200...

Very short for fast people, my timeline:


Birth - School with many side jobs and many crazy experiences,

positive as well as negative - school graduation - start of studies and part-time work - emigrate - work independently - travel - start a business - travel - today


More subtleties for connoisseurs here:


I find it quite difficult to write about myself. This "About" section, I will probably rewrite more often, as I always come up with something better or different. However, it is important that you start at all, theoretical perfection brings nothing if you do not get into the doing ;)


Well, this blog will be mainly about my life stories, experiences and tips from me, to you. I have already in very young years, just thought differently and the species "man", always considered something special. From an early age, I never really belonged to any group fixed to it, if I had once found "playmates", these friendships rarely lasted long.


But here rather more about me. Not only I myself think that I am a "multi-talent". I can learn many things, very fast and much easier and better than many others. Put me in an environment that I do not know at all and I will be able to orient myself all the faster and better. One will recognize with my stories however still, that functions only if I see also a sense behind it. Meaningless tasks, I do not like and therefore not at all or sloppy.


Besides programming (and now also writing), I played piano for 10 years and tennis for 10 years. Soon I will approach 10 years of programming, what will happen then? Besides these distinct hobbies, I have also done martial arts, as well as 100 other little hobbies. From drawing, to mechanics (on my own moped), to looking more closely at physical laws and lecturing unmotivated teachers. Computer games took up a lot of my free time for a while.


With 21 years of life, I turned my life around and went on a world trip and emigrated from Austria, starting with Colombia. You will be able to read about this in a future blogpost.


Long story short, I look forward to sharing my stories with you. Have fun reading!


Best and with love,

Maurice Putz

Maurice Putz a person
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