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I write a book, focus, facts and who does the facts?

Have you ever thought about writing a book? I've thought about it a few times, and now I'm taking action. I'm not counting anything blogs or diaries now, but actually a book. If so, what about?

It's 21:12 here locally as I write this article here now and it's pouring rain at my window right now. Will it hold out? I asked myself the same question during the last hailstorm here in Bogota, the 3 mm thin glass barely keeps out a motivated fly in its approach. At my window, a dear little bird often greets me, it flies to the window and sometimes watches me for 15-20 minutes as I work or just watch a series. Very unusual for a bird. If he took a running jump at the window and missed his target, no question, he would be through my window here....

First input for a book

My first idea was to write a book about the "forces of the last old world". It was supposed to be about the Battle of Waterloo, where Napoleon was finally defeated. I wanted to write about the history of how we got here. How the economy came to function the way it does today. Why certain things nowadays are no longer what they used to be or were intended to be. Why for every problem nowadays only a "plaster" is used, which only covers the wound but does not heal it.

When I had these thoughts, I just wanted to put them on physical paper and just publish them for once. At that time I was 18 years old, understood more about the world than many, much older than me, but I knew I was far from knowing anything.

This first version was to be written entirely by the lens. I wanted to make a kind of "non-fiction" book. However, I realised that there were so many similar works, as well as so many individual videos already. Whole documentaries, as well as other books. I had already written a couple of thousand words and done a lot of research, looked through a lot of old magazines, books, etc. But then I thought, "Hmm, I'm not going to do that. But then I thought to myself: "Hmm, actually, why only from Napoleon? I want to tell more, the whole thing has its roots much further back. How did we end up here like this? How did we make it here, and why?" So, on to the oldest mysterious roots I could find so and so heard something about. On to the Sumerians and Mesopotamia.

I started watching different documentaries about it, but especially audio books. Many different "opinions" came up, especially in my eyes, complete humbug. This constant "and we think", "we interpret", and blah. I just thought to myself: "Open your eyes! What you're talking about is nonsense. There's a fact, you don't interpret anything into it".


Unfortunately, the screen didn't answer me back, so I did the next best thing. My thesis would have been due in 10 days, so I should probably start that sooner, I thought. Since I'm at a dead end here, and all I really wanted to do was finish my schooling, I gave that priority and put the book last. A lot was going through my head at the time, this was in the winter of 2020. But no sooner said than done, hung in front of the computer, banged out 5000 words per 24h, cross-read for the last 3 days. Used plagiarism scanner often enough, only 3.8% on first scan (I had been told anything under 5% on first scan is already very good). But it was quite easy for me, as most of it was based on real-live application and was still relatively new.

Almost no sleep for a week and pulling all-nighters together with a friend (He was online and had written his paper too) paid off though. We completed everything successfully and, I think at least, even set a record for the fastest completion of a DA ever, which had received pretty good marks. Really only writing took 4-5 days, the other half revising, correcting mistakes and having relatives cross-read.

After this ordeal, which is called "education" these days, I didn't really think about my book for a few months. I had other things to do, like looking for work. In fact, this was very easy for me, I had several offers, but I decided to work for a new company that I still know. Mainly because I had started studying and could not and did not want to work 40 hours a week, but only part-time.

After a while, when these thoughts came up again more, I continued to "write", but in my thoughts, and didn't really bring anything physically into the world. I felt more and more that this was not my purpose here, besides I had to focus on so many other things anyway.

What's the point?

However, I am currently writing something completely new. Not about the past, but about the future. Many people don't focus on the here and now enough for there to be a tomorrow. They are downright afraid that something really new will happen one day. That's why I thought it would be just the right thing to do if I tackled this subject.

If I could give the readers of the book a glimpse of how something can be, it will generally bring more, I thought. Our true ancient history and origins will surely be told by enough other people, more and more facts are coming out all the time anyway. But tomorrow... Nothing is written about it, or rather I can't find anything.

If you are thinking of something like the unnecessary discussion of whether electric cars or carburettors, or something as banal as left versus right or whether democracy makes sense, I welcome you, dear reader, with open arms. You will find much to read in my blog here that will provide you with a different perspective on these things. As the title of my blog says, "Think for yourself". It also means don't let others think for you, including me.

Step out and get ready for something new. I always hear this excuse "but it can't be done any other way, it's always been like this". We are experiencing an upheaval in the way of thinking of all people across the planet. I have visited so many countries and got to know so many cultures. The aspirations have changed. Sure for some it is still coloured paper of a private company, the "blood" family, physical objects etc. but it is in a very interesting, different and new direction. The wellbeing of others is more important to many individuals than the wellbeing of them, including more people than ever.

What is it more specifically about?

My book, which already has a few thousand words, goes from 2025 to the year 65000, which should give some people enough to think about. It is about ideas for what can be "after", how it can be managed, insights into education, medicine, new approaches to transport, new ideas for leisure and leisure time and much, much more. It's also about matter itself, it's also about thoughts regarding "what is just", where does it originate from, how to start anew and also questions and thoughts regarding spirituality and ethics.

a list of document names
Small preview of a few passages, there are 6 times as many so far

Let's see if I really publish the whole thing as a book or just individual passages. But here my laziness comes into play again... Keep focus! So I hereby set myself as a goal, when I publish something, that only as a whole and as a finished one. It will definitely take some time, I wrote the last words a fortnight ago. It always comes in spurts with me, the muse.... ;) As of now, I still have to put some passages in the right order, as well as write more text. I am far from finished.

Well then, today a slightly longer post, and not about travelling. I think the next article will be about travel and tips again. Especially about flying. Here's a nice photo in Antioquia, Colombia.

portrait of nature with a lake and trees
Near Guatape

I now say goodbye into the evening and wish good morning, good night and good day.

Yours sincerely,


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