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I have just seen once again what THE human being is capable of. If you list this here, please be sure to read the entire post to the end.

This blog post will divide minds, not everyone will understand everything right away, but if they do, BRAVO! If not, even BIGGER BRAVO TO YOU! You are ready to take a big step that few others have already taken or will take a long time to take. Everything must be on the table, it's time. Memorize this sentence. "Everything must be at the table". Empty your pockets mentally and physically, put everything on a table in front of you.

(Addendum, 3 days after writing: I decided against making this post more "understandable". 99% of the words from the first draft are still there. Many will not understand much here, at least not yet. Good luck and have fun :))

My book is progressing, I've put some sheets in the "rack" and it's growing and thriving beautifully, like good old wine just before opening.

An exercise:

The opposite of love is NOT hate. Read the first sentence again --> WELL DONE - Read it again and when you read "love", feel it. Your boyfriend or girlfriend, your wife or husband, your pet or anyone close to you. We all feel something for someone else. I am NOT talking about romantic, artificial love here, but real unconditional love, which all HUMANS are capable of.

Insert: We all know how romantic love develops. More or less everything is an impulse, current / frequencies within you that are supposed to motivate you to procreate more. But unconditional love, how does that come about? Of course it also exists in relationships, but what motivates a person to take a bullet for someone else instead, whether animal or human? Selflessness and empathy.

Now let's move on: do you really add HATE to the "hate" in the sentence? Thou shalt not hate... you can't do that if you've never hated. We have all hated something or someone. Think about that when you say HATE. It's not a good feeling, but we all know it.

Everything has to be on the table.

The death and mutilation of truth and were peace, is censorship. If EVERYTHING is not on the table, there will always be something left over that prevents us from knowing and understanding EVERYTHING.

Everything must be on the table. (Does it click yet? No? Go on...)

Hate is not the death of love, but indifference is only the death of romantic love. What can kill unconditional love once it has been achieved? - Nothing. No matter what you think unconditional love is, you 99% haven't realized it yet (it's also unfair, it's being replayed right now, the department in charge of that ;)).

The end of every war is NOT that everyone just makes peace. The end of hate is NOT that everyone suddenly loves each other. There is more than a "yes" and a "no", a "maybe" is NOT meant by that either.

Everything has to be on the table.

There is more than "yes", "no" and "maybe". As a species, we are very close to discovering this 4th "state". We're all fed up, yes I'm taking the liberty of speaking for everyone. Subconsciously, I'm sure everyone is simply disappointed at some point that "that's it", especially younger people.

How do we end war, even though everyone knows that we are all the same people, on the same planet, with the same goal? - With indifference. It is IMPOSSIBLE for us to solve the problems of the old world, because we are in a new world. We have to leave everything behind, understand everything, everything has to be at the table. Lies and deceit, love, hate, war, massacres, selfishness, rape (attention, yes it's getting hard now...), human trafficking, abuse, murder, cannibalism. Everything must be put on the table, discussed, left behind. Humanity must heal.

Everything needs to be on the table, remember!

At the moment we all see that people are talking about something as banal as "racism". Yes, banal! That's what it is. Divide and rule, that's the only reason it's come up again in the last few years, if you know what I mean. It's such fundamentally inhumane thinking imposed by others that it shouldn't even get the consideration for discussion, yet here we are, 2023. There are still fossils of people running around trying to hold on to the old world. It is planted in you by others, analyze it. Radiate unconditional love and indifference. If everyone just doesn't care, you'll see how quickly it disappears.

You can't create anything new in an old, rotten, dirty, outdated system. The old has to go and something new has to come along.

Everything has to be put on the table.

In an old system or with people who cling to it and to old values, you cannot create anything "new" and better. Kings, dictators, chancellors, mayors, elected presidents, prime ministers. Left, right, above, below, in the middle. Democracies, absolutists / totalitarian and monarchies... all the same absolute bullshit. NOT CURABLE. It has to go.

Typical answer: "Yes, come up with something better, it's not perfect but it's better than back then". That's the stupidest answer, factually, that anyone can give you.

There are no "pros" and "cons". There is MORE -> everything must be put on the table

You want facts? I'll give you the dates and location, you search. One date will certainly appeal to you in particular, that's important for you. Google it and be careful and question what you find online.

June 18, 1815, Belgium

May 4, 1970, USA

July 5, 1967, Israel / Egypt

March 16, 1968, Vietnam

August 16, 1819, England

November 9, 1938, Germany

July 11, 1995, Serbia

July 27, 1816, USA

January 15, 1648, Poland - Lithuania

October 27, 1907, Austria-Hungary, in Černová, Hungary

All in 1948, Israel - Arab War

These were all terrible days, of all forms of government in the old system, which are now dying out.

Unconditional love, indifference, emotions and thinking. The challenge for everyone is to find a healthy mix.

The important thing is that we are all one and stick together. In Napoleon's time, men stood side by side, shoulder to shoulder and marched into an unnecessary and stupid war (old world then). Bullets straight at them, certain death, no protection or anything like that, but they marched.

Humanity always had this cohesion, it just changed and transformed in time. From yourself, to family, then "the fatherland", then family, then back to just everyone themselves. But now we are in a NEW TIME. Not family or country, but the species, or "everyone". Unconditional love...

We have to use this momentum, end war with indifference and the solidarity that people had 200 years ago in battle, shoulder to shoulder, transform this energy and put it into something new and better.

You can't solve old problems in a new system.

I hope this text helps someone. Good luck and success to you!



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