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First Post: My knowledge for all the curious

What to expect here on my blog and more, you will learn here in this first article from me.

Welcome, it is time. Many acquaintances have asked me why I do not yet have my own blog, after so many trips as I have already in young years behind me. Well, here starts my blog now, on 11th May 2023. My personal holiday, I celebrate on 12th February. Since I emigrated in 2022 from my home country and embarked on my travels.

airplane seat on an airplaine
In my first ever flight alone, I board in Vienna. Destination: Bogota, Colombia.

More details about my departure in a separate post. For me, honestly, it was not so special. I did not understand why my family and friend were so worried or directly also said that this would be madness. "A foreign country", uuh, dangerous....

Since I don't like to say in "Maehh", I decided, yet quite spontaneously, with zero flight experience, to go to Colombia right away. There were many reasons why I went, but the rash I will definitely save for a separate post.

In short, I decided around New Year's Day 2021 that the country, the people, and the lifestyle in general I found myself in were so against my principles and on "my nerves" that I decided to emigrate. Since I am always gladly with the head through the wall, I decided to, horror of my mother not, Hungary, Czech Republic, an own apartment in the same country or the like, no, but Colombia.

Within 2 months I sat in my flier to Frankfurt and then further economy to Bogota. Until then, I sat once as a 6 year old in a plane to Mallorca with my family, and another time from Vienna to Hamburg when I was 14. This was my entire flying experience at the time I decided to do this.

Expand comfort zone and sense of adventure

I personally found the whole thing quite "normal", in my eyes. I just thought that hundreds of years ago, people also traveled across the world. Vikings, Spaniards, Portuguese, English, Japanese. People traveled so much, always have. Change was part of life. Nowadays, people in Austria look at you strangely if you just want to leave the village or fly somewhere other than Cancun, Mallorca or Croatia.

I saw the whole thing, like a normal car ride to Vienna purely, only that I even move into their own apartment finally. So really realized what I have done and achieved so generally, I have only half a yes later, when I went from the beautiful and good smelling Caribbean (spoiler, the opposite was the case in the Caribbean) to Amsterdam and then Thailand.

What I will write about here

As you can see, I will write mainly about my life and experience. I'm curious what new contacts come about through my new hobby here. Besides I will also pass on quite a few travel tips. From which airline I find better, to how do you survive in the Amazon alone or a shootout on the open road (also comes in a post ;) ).

Much regarding personal thoughts about our current world there will also be. How good or bad a lot of things are, where we are going, what I think and hope for the future, etc. I plan to post here at least once a week. This will usually be on Wednesday or Thursday. More posts may come once in a while, depending on my mood and free time. There is no commercial interest here, around the blog. The email newsletters on the main page only serve to inform people in the near future, when a few have signed up, when a new blogpost will come online.


I wish you personally a lot of fun reading and be curious about everything that will follow here.


Maurice Putz


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